A Partnership In Progress

C. Clark NeilsonAt R. B. Pharr & Associates, we value our clients and are always committed to exceeding your expectations. Whether you need land surveying and mapping, due diligence, or construction stakeout services, you can expect prompt, courteous service that ensures accuracy, precision, and attention to detail.

Why should you consider R.B. Pharr & Associates for your surveying? Bottom line – we provide data you can trust. Our maps are professional, readable and reliable, prepared using the industry’s latest technology. We employ highly trained, college educated surveying professionals and hold them accountable for their work.

R.B. Pharr & Associates is extremely proud of our half-century of service to the larger Charlotte community. We are dedicated professionals, responsive to your tight construction and real estate closing schedules, and thrilled to be your partner in progress.

Yours truly,

C. Clark Neilson, P.L.S.

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